Part 4 of GP Utretch (or Day 2: And this time it’s personal)

So when I last left you, I had just finished Day 1 and just managed to make Day 2 with a 7-2 finish. I was super happy with this result. I had told my friends and family back home that I would love to make Day 2 but I seriously doubted I would. And considering it was my second ever GP I was trilled.


So remember yesterday when I showed up a little past nine, and everyone was already sitting and ready to open their sealed pools? Well! I wasn’t going to make that mistake again! This time I was there at 9:00 on the dot!

And I was still the last person to sit down! What is the country like!? How are they so organised! So after panicking again, I was sitting down in my draft pod and was ready to kick some ass! This was the first time I had ever done one of those, “you have 50 seconds to take the first card, you may look at it now.” drafts so that was pretty daunting.


Draft 1:

So I opened and first picked an Apocalypse Hyrda. I can’t really remember what else was in the pack, but I’m pretty sure this thing is a bomb so I was pretty happy with it. Second pick was a Mulldrifter. It’s neither a Red or Green card but my God I don’t think I can pass a Mulldrifter. I played one in WR double-strike, I think I can squeeze it in to RG converge or whatever deck I ended up playing.

A few more picks, of Tribal Flames and a Burst Lighting and Macca Riotiors and I was looking pretty happy. I picked up an Aethersnipe very late which made me think blue was open. Near the end of pack one I get filler.

Then pack two happened.
After first picking Dismember, (hell yeah!), I get passed an Incandescent Soulstoke. I do a quick mental count and realise that I have a good few elementals. There wasn’t too much in the pack so I take a chance and draft it.

I get passed another one.

Then I get a Water Servant.

Then I get a third Incandescent Soulstoke. I end up getting another Aethersnipe in pack two and I’m super happy I’m Red Blue as a Narcolepsy gets passed to me.

Pack three was mostly filling the non-elemental part of the deck quota. I get passed a Vedillion Clique third pick, ($weet!) and a second Soulbright Flamekin and a Skrewed Hatchling.




(Shrewed Hatchling is the card hidden by glare)


Round 1: Michael (WG Tokens)

Game 1:

Kept a slow start. And my opponent led with Scion of the Wilds and Scatter the Seeds. I played a very lacklustre Skrewed Hatchling and was promptly overrun.

Game 2:

This game began much better, with a double Soulbright Flamekin to slow him down. He played Algae Gharial which I was worried about. Shroud makes it impossible to deal with and as long as he has 1/1 tokens he’s going to get bigger.

I pulled a bit of a win when I used Soulbright Flamekins ability to give themselves trample and get up to 8 mana, then 10 with the second one. 10 red mana and one green source later I had an 18/18 Apocalypse Hydra! Ready to pick off one/ones and get some trample damage going!

It was Arrested the next turn.

And where are you putting the handcuffs?

Oh well.

Result: 0-2, 7-3

Not how I wanted to start day 2, but I thought this deck was definitely a 2-1 deck so I knew I should be able to/have to get two more wins out of it.

Round 2: *Bye*

Yay! I got my Bye! It was only 10 rounds later then I should have but whatever I’ll take it. If I remember correctly my pod only had 7 players because one never showed up, or he opened something really good and didn’t want to pass it and took his packs and left. I can’t remember.

I enjoyed the free win and practices with my deck for the round.

Result: 1-0, 8-3

Round 3: Leonard (GW)

My round 3 opponent was 1-1 too, but oh my GOD I don’t know how. His deck was insane. I think it became pretty clear to the pros that the best decks in Modern Masters 2015 were the Five-Colour Bomb decks if you could support them and the GW decks if you couldn’t. Scatter the Seeds at common does silly things to a format.

So this guy was trying his best to make the most ridiculous GW token deck he could. He had three Spectral Procession!

Nine dudes. Seriously.

He had a bunch of pumps spells which went very well with his 3 Skyhunter Skirmisher!


My doublestrike deck didn’t have any of these!

So Game one starts with him playing a Skyhunter Skirmisher, me playing an Incandescence Soulstoke, and him playing a turn 4 Spectral Procession. I flashed in an Aethersnipe with my lord the next turn, taking out a token and forcing a chump block from him.

The next few turns he put me to 11 with his 1/1 flyers. He gained some life with the Conclave Phalanx (I think he had two of those). I played a 3/3 Apocalypse Hydra regrettably, not having the time to make it huge.

Interestingly I almost played it as a 1/1 and used the remaining two mana to pick off his 1/1 doublestriker but I decided to wait. That…proved costly.

My opponent attacked in the air with his double-striker and a spirit and when I couldn’t block, kicked a Vines of Vastwood for exactly 11 damage.

Game 2:

Game two I was on the play and I got an on-time Soulstoke while my opponent was stuck on two lands. I bounched his two drop on turn six and didn’t stop beating him with a 5/5 Aethersnipe until he was dead.

Game 3:

I led with a Soulbring Flamekin, and another the following turn. Both were ambushed when my opponent Raised the Alarms. My opponent played a Darksteel Axe and a Spectral Procession in the next few turns. My turn five was a Water Servant, followed by turn six Aethersnipe pick off a token, turn seven Aethersnipe pick off a token.

In the meantime my opponent played a Skirmisher and equipped up the remaining Spirit. Why he didn’t equip the doublestriker, I’m not sure.

I attacked with all three of my elementals and he chump blocked the two Aethersnips, and used an Apostle’s blessing to save his Doublestrike guy.

Unfortunately for my opponent the attack brought him to 3 life. I aimed my artifact removal spell at his indestructible artifact.

There’s no “if that artifact is destroyed” malarkey.

Result: 2-1, 9-3

So my 2-1 Elemental deck managed to get me 2-1. The deck was super sweet and it was exactly the kind of deck I like to play. I was a bit lucky to get the bye (I think someone dropped in the drafting) and my round 3 opponent was very unlucky to go 1-2.

But onto the next draft. I figured out that I just needed one more win to guarantee prize money.


Don’t steer me wrong packs!

My first pick was Midnight Banshee, a card that I knew was pretty slow but unbeatable against certain decks. Next pick was super weak and I think I picked a middle green card. Next pack was a Grim Affliction followed by a Rakdos bounce-land. This is where is kinda went weird, I picked up Vampire Lacerator, not really sure if I’d play it. Then I got passed another one. Green had disappeared and white and blue seemed shallow but I was seeing a lot of red and black, but aggro red and black.

I got a Viashino Slaughtermaster second to last pick and a Goblin War Paint last pick.
I went for it.
Packs 2 and 3 finished my playset of Vampire Lacerator and Goblin War Paints and two more Slaughtermasters.

I had visions of playing Vampire into War Paint and bashing for 4 while my opponent floundered with tap lands.
I played one forest out of my 16 land to make my tribal flames a little better and my Slaughtermasters a lot better.

And here’s confession time. Remember during the Pro Tour, there was GoftGate, when Pascal Maynard picked a foil Tarmagoyf, that he wouldn’t play, over a Burst Lighting that would have made his deck better. And there was outrage over it by certain pros and people debated over what he should have done.

I completely agree with Pascal Maynard. Because I did worse.
Sure, I’m not a Pro, sure I wasn’t on the feature draft table, sure I wasn’t drafting for the Top 8.
But I rare drafted the hell out of this draft. I picked a Rare over a Burst Lighting.
A Burst Lightning that would have been amazing for my deck.

And what did I pick over this common. A foil Goyf? A Karn? Emrakul?

I picked a (at the time) $30 rare.

I picked Wilt-Leaf Liege.

Image result for Wilt-Leaf Liege

“I dropped heavily in value!”

Wilt-Leaf, Foil Goyf you are not.




Aggressive…to say the least.

So this was the final 40 cards that I would use. How did they fare? Well I did not like the deck as much as the first one but I was really confident I could crush anyone who got any kind of slow start.

Let’s find out!


Round 4: Dominic (??)

Game 1: I got crushed.

Game 2: I got crushed.

Result:0-2, 9-4

For a story teller perspective, I am sorry. I can’t remember this game in any real detail. All I really remember was that while I may have gotten some early damage in my creatures were never good enough to battle. Kozilek’s Predator was big enough to block all my guys and provide chump blockers. And anytime I enchanted my guys with Goblin War paint I’d very quickly get two-for oned. Nightmare.

Round 5: Fabien (??)

Game 1: Still got crushed.

Game 2: Not crushed…per say.

Result:0-2, 9-5

My record! My beautiful record! This guy was playing Red and something. I remember because he burst lightninged my guy as I was trying to enchant him and I remember thinking, Hah! What a fool! I bet he took that over an off-colour rare!

At this stage I checked the standings. Prizes went out to 230th place, ($200 not too shabby). After the last two loses I was 238.

Round 5: Jakub (RU)

Game 1: This game was close, Jakub I had him to about nine I think and he managed to stabilise. I never drew Smash to Smithereens which would have been great against his Artefact blocker and I could stop his flyer from bringing me to zero.

Game 2: Finally! This time it actually worked! I attacked with weenies and killed his small guys and won. I remember telling him how the deck hadn’t been working at all yet, he commented that he wished it hadn’t started now.

Game 3: This was it. The final! Win and riches and glory. Lose and a lifetime of shame and name-calling.

I play a Vampire and follow it up with a Slaughter Master. My opponent plays a Sickleslicer which I attack my guys in and Lacerator trades and just drop a Blood-thirsted Blood Ogre.

My opponent plays a 2/2 Ogre and I attack again with it’s older brother. My opponent drops to 13 and now (like the Ogre) I smell blood.

My opponent plays his 6 land and spends 4 mana equipping his 2/2 ogre so it’s now a 4/4 first-striking Ogre. Now my hand is just a land and no plan.

I top deck one of my Grim Afflictions.


So here’s the board. It’s turn six. My opponent is on 13. I’m on around 17 from my own Vampire. Opponent has two cards in hand.



So what do you do?

a) Fire off that Grim Affliction, shrink his guy and boost ours and attack with the now 4/4.

b) Attack with both, if he block Slaughtermaster, pump it with the ability and shrink his guy and boost ours, trading guys and dealing four. If he blocks Ogre, eat his guy and deal four.

c) Just attack with the Blood Ogre and eat his Ogre if he block.

d) Pass the turn.


I’ll give you a few seconds to decide.


Almost done?


Good. So if you picked B) congratulations! That’s what I did.
But the correct answer was the secret answer e) Play the goddamn land first!

You see my opponent had two mana open. And I didn’t think about that.

So when I attacked with both he blocked my Slaughtermaster and when I tried to Grim Affliction he Mana-Leaked me. And I had only two mana to pay for it…with a third land still in my hand.

I lose my Slaughtermaster and his 4/4 keeps my 3/3 back for the rest of the game until he stabilises and kills me.

Image result for mana leak

“This is why everyone hate     Blue!”                  “Blue is actually the most                popular colour.”           “Shut UP!”



Result:1-2, 9-6

So that’s how GP Utrecht ended for me, with an avoidable mistake and a deck that folded to removal.

Since finishing this one I’ve played in my third GP and went 5-4, (just like my first) so Utrecht has been my best performance and the one I most enjoyed. Plus, The Netherlands is beautiful.


Cheese Toastie with Dutch beer by the river. Gorgeous.

What did I learn? Play around the common counterspell in the format and don’t rare-draft. Unless they are foil Goyfs.

Thanks for reading.


Part 3 of GP Utretch (or how can I mess this up, I can’t right? Right?)

So…where the hell did I disappear to? I meant to finish this tournament report months ago, y’know when it was actually recent and still being talked about.
I could give you excuses but instead I’ll just say I was lazy and I’m sorry.

So let’s finish this. When we last left off I was 5-1. I needed to win two more rounds out of the last three with my Sweet White Red doublestrike deck.


Splashing Mulldrifter, because Mulldrifter.

Let’s do this!


Round 7:  Paul (RW spashing Black)

Pretty similar decks, but instead of splashing blue for divination-elemental, he was splashing black for Nameless Inversions and I assume other removal.

Game 1: 

My opponent began with Cat Spear and a Kitesail. I played a Mirror Entity turn three and killed his Cat before he could gain any life on turn four with a Tribal Flames. I dropped Mirran Crusader and all he was able to do was play a Morter Pod and equip it up.
I continued the tried and tested method of Mirror Entity + Double Striker = Win and kept attacking while never over committing with my mana.
I made a bit of a small play-mistake with that though when I attacked with both and he blocked with his 1/1 germ (kitesail remember), on my Mirror Entity. I had seven mana, and tapped three of it turning my guys into 3/3’s. Unfortunately he had Brute Strength for his Germ.


“Who’s a zero/zero now! Fear me!” -Germ Token.

Because I only had four mana left I could only turn my guys into 4/4’s meaning my Mirror Entity would still trade with the token. If I had tapped five mana at the start I wouldn’t have had to trade there. But luckily my Mirran Crusader was still around and my opponent drew for his next turn and showed me a pair of lands in his hand.

Game 2:

My opponent led off with Goblin Fireslinger. This little guy did not stop pinging me…My opponent had a hand full of spells so when I played a Mirror Entity I kept one mana open to Apostle’s blessing if necessary and passed. I was able to get an attack in the next turn with trigger bloodthirst and played a Gorehorn Minotaurs. My opponent played a Sun Forger, (gulp), and passed, pinging me at end of turn. I attacked into the goblin with my Mirror Entity and Minotaurs and pumped them both up while leaving up one mana still.
My opponent equiped up the goblin, attacked with the new 5/1 and then unequipped to Burst Lightning my Mirror Entity, I paid two life (going down to nine) and saved it with my blessing. My opponent played a blocker and passed.
Next turn I gained some life by Terashi’s grasp-ing his Sunforger and attacked with both again. My opponent did some counting and realised I couldn’t pay enough mana to make my creatures lethal so he doesn’t block and goes to three life. I could have put him to one by paying an extra mana, but I didn’t…why didn’t I?


There’s something I should be doing with this…

Yeah so I left one mana so I could hold up Brute Strength in case I needed it…not realising that I had him on three life!!!! If I played Brute Strenght I would have won that turn! I sighed and passed the turn.
My opponent drew and passed back.
My turn I attacked with both and was greeted with a double chump block and a ping from the goblin.
Pretty happy I passed the turn back. My opponent drew, and held out a hand.

Result: 2-0, 6-1.

Two mistakes and I still was able to take the match! Just one more win and I can make day 2!


Round 8: Tom (WG)

Tom was from Poland. Nice guy. But he needed to be destroyed!

Game 1:

I led with a Mirran Crusader which got Arrest-ed straight away. I followed it with a Boros Swiftblade and my opponent played Spectral Procession. I kept the Swiftblade back and my opponent kept his flyers on defence. Turn five I was able to drop Noblis of War, and attacked with my now 3/2 double-strike. My opponent took six and Arrest-ed my Noblis of War, which he admitted wasn’t a perfect solution as it still gave my creatures the bonus. Another attack and my opponent was down to a low life and was chump blocking. I drew for my turn and drew Apostle’s Blessing (fast becoming my favourite card in the deck!) I named white and my Noblis was granted bail and attacked for lethal.

Game 2:

I had Hobgoblin and Mirran Crusader out early and followed them with a Gorehorn Monitaur. My opponent had Kavu Primarch out which slowed me down a little. Again I drew Apostle’s Blessing, (card is sweet) and attacked with my three creatures. My opponent went to trade my Hobgoblin with their 3/3 and after a few seconds I decided to let it happen. My reasoning was, my opponent was on the back foot. If I can keep Mirran Crusader alive I don’t think I lose. It gets by half of his creatures and is stronger then the other half.
That last sentence wasn’t quite accurate though.

Ulamog's crusher

It’s pretty big…I guess.

While it was a great blocker that turn, there was no way I was attacking into that monster!, afterwards wasn’t so good. Ulamog’s Crusher has to attack, so next turn he turns sideways and eats two of my lands. I take eight, but now the way is clear apart from a few spirits! But after combat my opponent enchants my Mirran Crusader with an Arrest. Being on autopilot I almost Apostle’s blessing as it’s targeting my guy but I let it happen and I take my turn.
Because I waited, I could now Apostle’s blessing, giving my Crusader protection from white, Arrest falls off, and icing on the cake his only blockers are White Spirits, Crusader does the last four damage.

Result: 2-0, 7-1.

I did it!!! I have made it to day 2! Byes? Who needs byes! I fought through 8 opponents and I doublestriked my way to victory!
I probably don’t even have to play Round 9 right? I.D, Intentional Draw, that’s what all the cool pros do right? I can just end the day 7-1-1. Which is just awesome!

Round 9 Fredrik (???)

Okay…so Fredrik didn’t want to I.D. That’s fine. If you came to play Magic, you want to play magic…even after 10 hours of playing Magic apparently.
I actually can’t really remember much of these games to be honest. I didn’t make much notes and I didn’t really mind if I won or lost, I had already done what I didn’t think I could but was really hoping I would. I had made Day 2 in a GP.
After eight rounds of Magic and still on the high of getting the seventh win I am pretty sure I didn’t play well in this round. All I really remember is I think he won 2-0, I made one very loose choice not to muligan to six, and I think he was five colours. Other than that nothing else.

Result: 0-2(?), 7-2.

Well that was Day 1. Hopefully it won’t be months until I do my write up for Day 2. Thanks for reading.

Part 2 of GP Utretch (or when will the wheels start falling off)

The last post to this blog (a while ago…sorry about that (who am I kidding, no one has been waiting for this) ) left me at the end of Round 3 of GP Utretch where I was sitting quiet precarious position of 2-1.

Let’s keep up the good start and capitalize on it!

Score: 2-1

Round 4: Jelmer (BG Sacrifice) 

Jelmer was a Netherland native and had the unfortunate luck to go against the most insane start I got all day.

Game 1:

A Mulligan wasn’t ideal but my opening was. I led with a Boros Garrison turn two, and turn three Hearthfire Hobgoblin. The Goblin ate a Grim Affliction but turn four I played Spectral Procession and passed back to my opponent. Jelmer played a land and passed back to me.
I played a land and…

"Swing for 9?2

“Swing for 9?”

Having 3/1 spirits was pretty sweet, but it didn’t last long. My opponent had to two-for-one himself to do it though. After going to 11, he played a Scion of the Wilds that he had to Bone Splinter to kill my Nobilus of War.
I attacked for three with my spirits and played Boros Swiftblade. He played a blocker which I Arrested, and swung for 5, putting him to 3 life. Lightning Bolt did the last three. That was turn 7! In draft! Crazy crazy game.

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Part 1 of GP Utretch (or how a 1 in 500 chance stopped me going 0-3 drop)

It was two weekends ago, but GP Utretch was one of the best Magic The Gathering tournaments I ever went to and I wanted to talk about it.

Firstly a few things to say:

I don’t post much…or at all. I don’t know if this will be a one time thing or something I do every so often. Who knows?
This post is about my experience at the largest European Magic The Gathering tournament ever, if you have no interest in Magic, 95% of what I say will probably go over your head.
If you were at the tournament, or the one in Chiba or Vegas, I’d love to hear your experience.

Okay! Let’s start this!

Because Utretch was the only GP in Europe that would be using Modern Masters 2, I had decided I was going months and months ago. Before I knew any of the cards that would be in it, I was still going. It helped when I won a GP Trail and got two byes for the tournament.

I arrived in Schiphol, and man…Netherlands is cool. It’s just a cool cool place. Everyone is trendy. Everything is cool. They have two-storey trains. This might not be a big deal for most people, but for me in Ireland, that’s crazy. So much that I took a photo.


Haha. I am above you all, peasants! Also, I didn’t take any picture of the beautiful Dutch countryside.

So I arrive at the tournament centre. Make sure I’m all ready. Sign up for a draft, build R/W doublestrike, and get beaten and knocked out first round. Ah well, main event starts tomorrow.
Go back to the Air B&B I’m staying in, (very nice people), and go to sleep so I’m all ready for the matches in the morning.


That's ominous.

That’s ominous.

Yeah, so the foreboding clouds notwithstanding, I arrive a little after 9 and I’m all set. Unfortunately I was expecting a bit of a delay and waiting to start at around 9.30. Well turns out the Dutch like things running on time and I almost miss opening my sealed pool. How lame would that have been!
After a quick talk with a judge, about how could I please sit down in my seat and open six booster packs pretty pretty please I’m sorry I’m late pleeeeease, I was ready to crack some packs!

The packs I opened were pretty good. There was half a great Artefact deck, and a pretty good Black Green sacrifice deck that I ended up passing to the person opposite me. I myself got no money rares, (well a Layline of Sanctity) but a pretty cool R/W Double-Strike deck.


Splashing Blue let me play Muldrifer and Electrolize, while making Tribal Flames a bit better too. The splash was a bit hindered by Noblis of War but it barely came up.
I was a bit wary building the deck as it was similar to the one I lost with in yesterday’s draft. But I put my doubts aside because I was able to play three nearly bombs, (Mirran Crusader, Noblis of War and Mirror Entity). I say nearly bombs, because they don’t win the turn you play them…but if they are not dealt with very soon they will beat my opponent to a quick death.

Fairly happy with how the deck looked I relaxed at deck building was finishing. I knew I had two byes and I was going to make good use of the time. I hadn’t had breakfast and I was looking forward to some food. It was going to be a long day.

Round 1:  Michael (RG spashing White)

Wait what!? Eamonn! I thought you were supposed to have two byes! What happened?!
Well…I don’t know exactly. I was relaxing when they announced who would be on the feature match area, and then my name was called. Panicked, I rushed over to the judges and explained that I was supposed to have two byes, but according to them I didn’t.
I rushed over to the feature match, confused and annoyed but also let’s face it a bit happy that I was at the feature match.

A mix of emotions.

A mix of emotions.

Unfortunately I was one of the back up matches and was never actually on camera. Ah well.

Game 1:

My opponent Michael mulliganed and kept a six. We both had pretty similar decks, and we both led with turn 2 Raise the Alarm which he followed with a Kozilek’s Predator. My Mirran Crusader was promptly Burst Lightning -ed. He then dropped a Precursor Golem, which I luckily had Terashi’s Grasp, gaining a nice 5 life.
I dropped Nearly Bomb number 2,

Nobilis of War

He didn’t draw a flyer, and a few attacks with the Avatar and a kicked Burst Lightning finished him off.

Game 2: 

My opponent led with a Nest Invader, and quickly followed with Turn Four Precursor Golem. I messed up my land drops and ended up not having enough Mountains to Land Cycle for an Island and Tribal flames his Golems, meaning I took 9 and then another few chump blocks later I was dead.

Game 3:

He muliganed, and I played Mirran Crusader on Turn Four, leaving one mana up for Apostle’s Blessing, which I used to save it from a burst lighting. He played two Viashino Slaughtrermaster which I was able to kill with an Electrolyze clearing away both blocker at end of turn.


Turn Five I dropped a Noblis and attacked with my 4/2 doublestrike. He conceded the next turn.

Result: 2:1, 1:0

Good games, which I shouldn’t have played in the first place. But happy to have won it. Now to talk to a judge about getting my second round bye back!

Round 2: Thomas (R/W)

So…no luck with getting that bye…better just win the match I suppose.

Game 1:
My opponent led with a Viashino Slaughtermaster which I decided not to burst lighting…which proved to be a bad call. He dropped a Turn 3 Blood Ogre getting the Bloodthirst trigger. He kept those creatures for the whole game and although I was able to arrest the Ogre and drop the Mirran Crusader, but my doublestriker had a Fall that was firery and a Darksteel Axe welding Slaughtermaster finished me off.

Game 2:
Killed his creatures, not letting him get his Bloodthirst trigger, and attacking with Raise the Alarm tokens meant my opponent had to drop a 2/2 Ogre. I played a Noblis of War which was quickly Arrest -ed. I drew Oblivion Ring and hit in the air for five, the Ogre keeping my tokens back. The turn after, I attacked with my Noblis again with the 3/1 soliders, he blocked one and killed my Noblis, meaning I lost a token to deal one damage. I played a Boros Swiftblade and passed. My opponent played a Slaughtermaster and passed. I was hoping I would topdeck nearly bomb #1, Mirror Entity but missed and had to pass back.
My opponent tapped 7 mana and dropped his bomb.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

“I’m a fair and fun Magic Card.”                          “Shut up Elesh, you’re drunk!”

Result: 0-2, 1-1.

His deck was good and I made a couple of questionably plays. The good thing was it finished quick enough so I could have my actual breakfast finally.

Oh breakfast, you wouldn't promise me byes and then take them away from me.

Oh breakfast, you wouldn’t promise me byes and then take them away from me.

Round 3: Michele (UW Artefacts)

A suprise for Game 3 was that I knew my opponent, I had played him many times back in Dublin. This was kinda cool, but kinda crappy as well as we knew that we couldn’t both win.

Round: 1

I led with Flayer Husk and followed it up with a Mirror Entity, which was very quickly dismembered.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

I played Hearthfire Hobgoblin which did a good bit of damage. Michele played a Trumming Bird  I and was able to play Muldrifer and Spectral Procession. The race in the air suddenly lost it’s urgency when I Ulamog’s Crusher hit the battlefield. I soaked up some damage with a Raise the Alarm and lost some land to Allnilator Triggers but was able to keep attacking in the air and steal the game.

Game 2:

A Boros Swiftblade and Raise the Alarm suddenly were met with a Tezzeret, pulling out Artefact creatures. But luckily Doublestrike and tokens work well with Noblis of War. Michele took a large amount of damage from the Swfitblade and had to trade with the 3/1 soldiers. Another attack brought to 3 life. But he stabilized and played a flying blocker for my Noblis.
I drew a Tribal flames and spend way to long deciding whether or not to kill his flying blocker or Tezzeret…I remind you…he was on three life.
I aimed the spell at his face and won the match.

Result: 2-0, 2-1.

That was the first part of my Utretch GP. The next 6 games will be up whenever I get another few hours. In the meantime here’s a picture of the cat that I was living with in Netherlands.